Monday, March 11, 2013

sunday lunch

Sunday we were invited to a chili & cornbread lunch (with banana splits for dessert!) over at Craig & Lucy's house. They live up the hills a bit, and they have amazing views! I snapped a lot of photos over the afternoon, and we all had a good time talking, eating, and playing games.

I finally managed to figure out editing on Photoshop with a handful of free Actions I found. Sorry the editing isn't consistent, I'm still trying to figure out which Actions I like best. I do like how some of the photos have almost a film effect instead of digital.

I took this (and the next shot) through Craig's binoculars. I love that it looks like a pinhole camera!

Frank with Craig's binoculars.

Craig at the head of the table, Susan & Dad on the right, Lucy, Katie & Eric on the left

Craig & Lucy's nephew, Nick, Frank, and our Nick

(our) Nick was determined to fit the dominoes together in order

Taken using Frank's sunglasses as a filter

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