Friday, June 10, 2011

quick stop in the park

I stopped to eat a snack in this little park in between work and the train station. That's a statue on one side of the the park of the founder of the Peace Corps. I'm still not used to seeing all these tall buildings everywhere!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

first day at work

Today was my first day at my new Old Navy. Can't believe how long it took to get the transfer situated. This little garden statue was on my walk back to the train station. There's lots of little parks and things like this around Atlanta; it's a nice change from San Antonio, where the only nice place I'd walk around with things like this was downtown. Bonus: all the trees! There's tons of shade on my walk to the Buckhead train station, and also on the walk home from the Decatur station.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

weekend trip

This weekend, Christina and I drove our younger brother, Nick, down to Warner Robins to visit with his friend for a couple of days. I was pretty bored, I don't know really anyone there anymore, so while Christina was hanging out with some of her friends, I wandered around Target for a bit. I found this elephant ring and snapped a quick shot of it to her Chris later - she's a fan of elephants.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

a train trip

Before the parents leave for Ecuador (and my sister and I get their cars), I will most likely have to take the train to work. Today was the first time I attempted the trip (my sister, who has lived here for two years now, went with me). Before I have to worry about getting to work by train, I want to make sure it's possible to get there on time. It was...interesting. Atlanta is the first place I've lived with a train system, and today was only the second time I'd been on it. The train itself was the easy part, apparently. We turned the wrong direction walking out of the station near work, so of course, we got lost. Had to call my dad to figure things out for me, since I don't have a fancy smart phone with GPS. Once we got going in the right direction, however, we were both hot and tired and we had a little over an hour to get back in time for her to get to work, so we headed back to the train station before we found our destination. The trip took nearly an hour each way, plus another 20 minutes or so of walking. I hope I won't have to use this method of transportation to work very often, as it's very tedious, especially in the Georgia summer heat.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

mischievous gummi bears

I was catching up on blogs, when these gummi bears just snuck up and attacked!