Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday adventures

I tagged along with Trish, Marsha, and Kathleen to visit Artesa, today. It's a pottery/ceramics shop where they not only sell custom items along with the regular cups, bowls, vases, etc., but they also have a section that they call "seconds" which are the flawed and chipped items. I found some wide cappuccino mugs for Moca that match the smaller mugs we have, and assisted Marsha in finding a couple of nice, decorated, cups and saucers. We spent over an hour and a half there, I think, but it was very interesting to see all the different designs and colors of so many different items. To get to the "seconds" space, you walk through the working floor, where people were hand painting mugs and plates and vases and such. It was really neat to watch them work. Whenever it is that I get my own place, I will definitely get my mugs and plates and bowls from there.

A look back at the women working:

These are rows of finished product ready for sale - they were in a section you walk by to get to the "seconds:"

The "seconds:"

A tool drawer at the work table the guys use to pack up purchases:

On the way home from Moca later, one of the main streets by our apartment was blocked off for a BMX bike event. They had ramps set up in the street, and there is a racetrack up behind this huge wall - people were lined up to get in. Not really sure what was going on, but there were so many guys (and kids!) on bikes!

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