Monday, June 4, 2012

another monday

On Saturday, Susan and I went walking around El Centro for a few hours. She took me to Carolina Bookstore, which sells books in English, and we stumbled upon a couple of craft stores and a neat little spice store where Susan found some things she wanted to make granola bars with. It was a wet and rainy morning, but it wasn't too bad. Saturday night was the first meeting of the gringo fan club for the local soccer team here in Cuenca. It had a pretty good turnout, and a lot of them stayed after to watch the Ecuador v. Argentina World Cup qualifying match (EC lost). I was working, since it was at Moca, and Melva showed me some of the things they make from the night menu. We need to combine the breakfast/lunch menu with the night menu so it won't be so confusing - it seems like we run two cafes in one, sometimes.

Sunday was the cleaning and cooking day. I had to make the artisan bread for our panini sandwiches at Moca, as well as boil the eggs for the egg salad and potato salad (Dad did the potatoes, and Nick made the potato salad). I also wanted to try to make some cupcakes, as something that could potentially be sold at Moca. I had never made cake from scratch before, and they came out alright, but I think I will try other recipes next time.Sunday turned out to be such a nice day, and we all spent it indoors!

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