Thursday, January 31, 2013

january 365

I decided to give another go at a 365 project. I've strictly been using instagram to post them so far, which has actually made it easier to snap pictures daily. Hopefully I can keep it up - one month down, only 11 more to go!


  1. Fun... I am 31 days behind.. tell me more about this?

    1. I've tried before a couple of times and failed, so I'm doing well so far!

      A Project 365 is just what it sounds like: you choose an activity of some sort you would like to do like taking photos-any photos, or something specific like portraits, or in your home, etc), doing crafts, or doing something new everyday. There's also a 52-Week Project, which is the same premise, but only doing something once a week, which can be easier for when you run out of new ideas! It's a fun way to be more creative, I think :)