Thursday, December 27, 2012

first christmas in ecuador

We had most of the family together this year, as Ryan was able to come for a 10-day visit (only missing Christina!). It's a different sort of Christmas, being in the southern hemisphere it's summer now, so it was a warm day with sunny blue skies (until the rain came in the late afternoon, that is, as usual!). I'm actually jealous of friends back in the States having all that snow! We got a Christmas surprise from Christina via a Skype call in the morning - she's pregnant! As long as she's happy and healthy, I'm happy for her!  So Susan and Dad spent all day getting used to the idea (I think it's still weird, actually - my little sister is going to be a mom?!). So between Chris and my bestie, Nichole, I'll be an "Auntie" times two next year! Need to get working on those baby blankets...

Our stockings - after emptying, Susan got the pink pair, and I got the purple pair!

Our trees are outside, so I put some lights around the mirror and we stacked our newspaper-wrapped gifts on the side table.

My holiday nails - not bad snowflakes, eh?

Ryan and some of his gifts - I made him the scarf, Dad and Susan got him the jersey, and Frank gave him the mug.

Dax and the cat toy I made them! The other two were upstairs sleeping.

See? Bandido thinks my big bed is all for him.

Abby prefers getting fluff all over my pj's.

I decorated gifts with yarn pom-poms, and decided they make good headbands!

Do you like my owl topper?

It was such a nice day, so of course the kitties played in the garden.

Dax thinks bamboo is tasty.

My present from Susan is still alive yay!

Guess who's going to be a Grandpa?!

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