Wednesday, September 26, 2012

night photography tour - part one

Last night I went on a night photography tour through Cuenca. It's the first "gringo" tour I've taken since I've been here, but it was a nice adventure, and I got to see a couple of places I hadn't been to, yet. I brought both my digital camera and my 35mm Canon Rebel SLR (we'll have to wait for me to develop the roll for those shots), and between the two I snapped around 100 photos!  I met up with Nancy the restaurant La Vina for dinner downtown (yummy pizza!) and to check in with the group. Our first stop on the tour was Turi, up on the hill, where the views of the city below are pretty amazing! From there we headed back into town and stopped at Broken Bridge on the river, then onto El Vergel and the Incan ruins at Pumapungo Park (which I did get on film, all lit up).

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