Tuesday, June 19, 2012

random days

I tried out new specials on the board at Moca; I added a little doodle on a rainy day to attract attention. Not many people seem to notice that board, and don't even realize when they get to discount.

I actually went out on Saturday night with Susan and our friend Kaitlin. I met Nick, who is the nephew of a couple that Susan knows through a meditation group and new cafe they run. We went to Chiplote (sadly, that is spelled correctly) for happy hour and had a very silly entertaining evening.

I had been working for a little over a week on a scarf using a little 10" loom. I have never made anything like this before, so it's exciting that I made one! It's quite thick, and wide, but it's plenty long enough. I just have to hope for a cold enough morning to wear it or send it to a friend back in the States. I've already made another smaller scarf, it's skinnier and not quite long enough for my taste, but I like it anyway. I'm in need of a trip to a yarn store, now.

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