Monday, March 5, 2012

a compiled list of cameras in photos

I have amassed a very eclectic collection of cameras in the past few years. I'm moving soon, and won't be able to take them all with me, so I thought a list of snapshots would be a good idea. I can't quite remember in what order I got these, so hooray for random order!

Polaroid Cameras
The Button - My grandmother had it stored away and gave it to me. Apparently, it was my aunt's when she was a kid. This is the only one I have a flash for.
Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Land Camera - Seems like everyone has one of these. My mom's boyfriend had this one in storage and gave it to me, along with a case.

Sun 600 & One Step Express - Found both at thrift stores, and now have twin green One Steps after inheriting my step-mom's.

Misc. Old Cameras
Kodak Instamatic 1104 - Found this after digging through junk at Goodwill. I doubt it works, but it's a neat little camera.

Keystone XR108 Everflash - My parents' camera from when I was little.

Polaroid 232SL - An old film camera of my sister's. It may still work, but the battery corroded.

Minolta Freedom III - A thrift store find. I picked it up because it was a Minolta; no idea if it works.

Canon Sure Shot - a high school graduation gift from my grandparents (I think it was from them, it's been awhile...). The only camera I had before this was a little red plastic one as a kid. I was pretty excited when I got it. After I got my Rebel, I gave this to my step-mom and dad. They left it behind when they moved to Ecuador.

35mm Cameras
Cortland CX-7 - My mom's boyfriend had a lot of cameras, and he used none of them; this is one of many he gave me. Apparently, it was a simple camera that came as a gift with purchase, decades ago. Working on a roll of film in this one, still.

Kodak Pony IV - a Christmas gift from my brother, Ryan. I've used it once, though I have yet to develop the film.

Konica C35 - Another hand-me-down from my mom's boyfriend. I've used it on one roll, though I haven't had the photos developed, yet.

Canon Rebel G - a gift from my grandparents several years ago. My primary film camera.

My Rebel on a decades-old tripod my mom's boyfriend let me have.

Digital Cameras
The Samsung was my sister's old digital, and the Sanyo was my first digital that got dropped too many times. Neither of them work anymore, so I use them as bookends.

Canon PowerShot A2200 - My primary camera.

I hope to eventually get a DSLR (preferably a Canon Rebel), but for now that's just on the wishlist. I've also been using the camera on my new iPod Touch, which is handy when I forget to put my PowerShot in my bag. I haven't decided which cameras I'm taking with me when I move just yet, but I have a feeling a lot of these will be left behind in boxes.


  1. Ah poor cameras left all alone in a box. So sad!

    1. I know, they will be so depressed without me to dust them off lol