Friday, May 6, 2011

testing out the new camera

I am so happy I finally bought a new digital camera! It's been a year and a half since my 6 year old Sanyo broke. I did no in-depth research (other than what I already know), I went in looking to spend no more than $100. I got lucky: Target was having a limited-time sale price on a few cameras, and after going between a couple Sony's and a Canon, I decided on the Canon (and not just because of the brand!) It's a Canon PowerShot A2200; 14.1 MP, which is nearly twice that of my old camera (8 MP). Just a little point-n-shoot, but it will last awhile (no more dropping cameras!). Eventually I will be able to afford a digital Canon Rebel (to match my 35mm), but I need to hone my photography skills a lot more before that will happen. I'm excited to start a new project now that I have a good camera!

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