Monday, May 16, 2011

temporary home

This is my temporary room: a corner of the dining room, with no door and nowhere to put any clothes (except the two little drawers of my night table, and the plastic storage bins I brought it all in). But it's only for the next month and a half, hopefully less than that, as the plan is to find an apartment for myself, and my younger sister (who is about to graduate high school), as soon as possible. My dad, step-mom, and youngest brother (age 13), are moving at the end of June to Cuenca, Ecuador. My dad is retired military, and he tends to get these crazy ideas, so at first us older kids (my brother, Ryan, and I) were skeptical about the whole thing. But apparently, in Cuenca, they can live comfortably on just Dad's retirement. It's a new experience for them, and the rest of us kids (including my middle brother, Frank, who is in the Navy), get to visit for Christmas. I'm pretty excited for that, though I have to worry about getting a new passport - my first one is long since expired (I got it when I was 8 years old!). Any excuse to travel somewhere I haven't been yet!

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